Simply scan and pay with Masterpass QR

AccessBank, Mastercard and Selcom team up to offer consumers an easier and more secure way to pay for goods and services in Tanzania.


With a continued focus to simplify banking through the use of technology, AccessBank Tanzania has partnered with Selcom and Mastercard to enable its mobile banking customers to ‘Simply Scan and Pay with Masterpass QR’. AccessBank customers can now enjoy cashless and cardless transactions at various retail outlets across Tanzania wherever they see the Masterpass QR logo.

“Tanzanian’s can now enjoy a seamless, fast and secure checkout experience at a number of retail outlets and businesses,” said Mr. Andrea Ottina, Chief Business Development Officer, AccessBank.

“The intuitive digital payment solution will provide our customers with peace of mind while paying. Masterpass QR is now accepted across the country and will help Tanzania become a more connected and digitally savvy country.”

Working hand-in-hand with banking and mobile network partners in Africa, Mastercard is combating challenges facing merchants by offering affordable globally interoperable acceptance solutions. The global technology company is driven to enable Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to grow their businesses and to meaningfully contribute towards the formal economy, given that these enterprises create four out of five new jobs in emerging economies.

“By continuing to partner with market leaders to roll-out scalable solutions, Mastercard is better equipped to fulfil its strategy of bringing millions of previously excluded citizens – both business owners and consumers – into the financial mainstream and developing payment ecosystems that enable for people to move beyond cash,” says Chris Bwakira, Vice President and Area Business Head, Mastercard.

AccessBank mobile banking customers will be able to make Masterpass QR payments at merchants such as; Puma Petrol stations, Pizza Hut, GSM Mall, Discount Centre, KFC, Village Supermarket, Shrijees Supermarket, Shoppers Supermarket, Danube Home, Rhapsody’s, Didi’s Pub, Jumia Food and many other merchant locations across Tanzania.

Masterpass QR, now available across Africa, provides a fast, convenient and secure payment solution for consumers and a reliable, instant acceptance offering for merchants. The interoperable solution further offers convenience to consumers by enabling them to pay for in-store purchases by scanning the Quick Response (QR) code displayed at checkout on their smartphones, or by entering a merchant identifier into their feature phones, at any location worldwide that Masterpass QR is accepted.