AccessBank Tanzania “ACTS BIG” by donating medical equipment to Mwananyamala Hospital

AccessBank Tanzania’s Senior Marketing Officer Mr. Sijaona Simon (Left) hands over medical equipment

to Mr. Mwananyamla Hospital’s General Manager Dr. Isdory Kiwale (Right).


31st July 2018, Dar es Salaam, AccessBank Tanzania donated medical equipment to Mwananyamala Hospital. Mwananyamala hospital is a government owned hospital that caters to over 1500 patients, this often leads to overcrowded rooms due to a lack of medical equipment.

The Secretary of the hospital Ms. Ester, states that, “The hospital lacks vital medical equipment to assist in their day-to-day duties of running the hospital. In most cases our labor patients have to wait in queues to access clean mattresses, sheets and other important hygienic items that have been sent for washing at other hospitals (such as Muhimbili Hospital). As a result our patients have to wait for a long time causing many women to deliver before the cleaned items arrive.”

Speaking at the handover ceremony AccessBank’s Senior Marketing Officer Mr. Sijaona Simon explained that, “The bank has seen the efforts of the government by trying to improve the maternity rate through educational awareness and free medical treatment for women who have given birth. We at AccessBank Tanzania were touched and we also so the need to lend a hand by providing important life-saving equipment that will help reduce the mortality rate for women, during and after labor.

Mr. Simon further explained, “Giving back to the community has been our culture and it is a continuation of what has been done today. We have handed over a heavy duty washing machine that will help the hospital but most importantly also reduce the maternity rate.”

In addition Mr. Simon said, “The total cost of medical equipment donated to Mwananyamala Hospital is worth more than TZS 3 million. The equipment donated include; (9 units) Drip stands, Green material (35 meters) for theatre operations and a heavy duty Washing Machine.”

Mwananyamla Hospital’s General Manager Dr. Isdory Kiwale was humbled and thankful and further stated that, “I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to Accessbank Tanzania for this donation, all of the donated items would be of huge help to our hospital since we have been facing a lot of challenges. The items you have donated are just a few among the needed. We also, have a shortage of other medical equipment and we urge other institutions and stakeholders as well AccessBank Tanzania to continue supporting the government of Tanzania’s efforts of facilitating better health care in Tanzania. We have been receiving a lot of promises from different stakeholders who have not fulfilled their commitment. Again I would like to sincerely thank Accessbank Tanzania for their kind donation and would urge them to continue with the assistance as we still need a lot of medical equipment in our Hospital.”