AccessBank Conducts An SME Business Forum In Mwanza

Nyamagana District Commissioner Dr. Philis Nyimbi speaking at the AccessBank MSME Mwanza Business Forum. Bank staff in the picture from her right is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer – Mr. Julius Ruwaichi, Chief Business Officer – Prosper Gwemella, Head of Banking Services – Mr. Michael Fraterne and Lake Zone Regional Manager – Mr. Emmanuel Venance.

AccessBank Tanzania conducted a business forum for its SME, Micro, Agro and Deposit clients and non-clients over the past weekend. The forum took place within the city of Mwanza on Saturday the 14th of September at Belmont Fairmount Hotel, with the theme and objective of the forum being; “Promoting Financial Management and Sound Business Ethics”.

The Guest of Honour at the event, the District Commissioner of NyamaganaDr. Philis Nyimbi was excited to be a part AccessBank’s drive to promote Micro and SME businesses but furthermore, she complimented AccessBank on supporting MSME businesses and especially creating facilities to issue loans to both small and medium business as well as farmers. She also congratulated AccessBank for holding regular Business Seminars to financially equip the business people of Mwanza.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Julius Ruwaichi also noted that, “This is the second forum held in Mwanza this year among many business forums conducted by the bank across Tanzania. We plan on engaging our customers to do business with the right financial advice. The predominant focus of these forums is to equip AccessBank’s Mwanza SME, Micro and Deposit clients with the right understanding and know-how on growing their business operations in the long-run. The next forum we are planning on conducting will be held in Kahama. Therefore, Kahama clients get ready for the next business forum, which will be in October”. We look forward to an increased partnership with our clients.

The forum was organized in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Mr. Eric Crispin was invited to be the business trainer for the forum. Mr. Crispin said, “Selling a product or service should not be done by force and make sure you know your product or service before you sell to the person your selling to. These few important elements contribute immensely to business sales”. For AccessBank these trainings provide a platform to promote good leadership within your business as well as your personal lives. AccessBank is creating these opportunities for you, because they care.”

Closing off the business forum invited clients shared their appreciation and gratitude by thanking AccessBank for this opportunity and also praised AccessBank’s efforts for bringing them together and training them on how to run a business effectively while also saving for their future.