AccessBank Conducts A Business Forum For MSME Clients In Dar es Salaam

(Center) Addressing the Business Forum Deputy Minister from the Prime Ministers Officer for Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled – Hon. Stella Ikupa Alex, (From Her left) Ambassador of the Italian Republic – Hon. Roberto Mengoni, European Investment Bank Representative – Mr. Michael Alcon and Business Trainer – Mr. Eric Crispin (From Her right) AccessBank’s Chief Business Officer – Mr. Prosper Wiliam, AccessBank’s Chief Operation Officer – Mr. Andrea Ottina and AccessBank’s Head of Banking Service – Mr. Michael Fraterne

AccessBank Tanzania conducted another business forum for its entrepreneurs who are both clients and non-clients of the bank. The forum took place within the city of Dar es Salaam on Saturday the 08th of July at Kisenga International Conference Center, LAPF Tower, with the theme and objective of the forum being; “How to Increase Sales in Your Businesses”.

The Guest of Honour at the event, the Deputy Minister from the Prime Minister’s Office for Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled – Hon. Stella Ikupa Alex, who explained, “I compliment AccessBank on supporting MSME businesses and especially creating facilities to issue loans to farmers. I also congratulate AccessBank for holding regular Business Seminars to financially equip the business people of Dar es Salaam and this shows great support to his Excellency the President of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Magufuli’s initiative to create an industrial revolution through empowering MSME in Tanzania.”

Also speaking at the forum, invited guest Ambassador of the Italian RepublicHon. Roberto Mengoni noted that, “In world war 2, Italy was a poor country but what transpired years later, is something that you can all learn from. The rise of an industrialized revolution spearheaded Italy to a developed nation. Three components helped Italy get out of poverty, one, Italians were hardworking, two, we had a good savings culture (of which 30% of citizens income went to savings) and three, Umoja, what we learnt from working together and from our neighbours (European Union) gave us knowledge and access to foreign markets to sell our goods. So you need to be aggressive at saving money and as small business growing you have Umoja and access to the East African markets to do business and achieve faster development”. Ambassador Roberto was impressed at the number of women MSME’s that were present and acknowledged them as the backbone for growth in any country.

The forum was organized in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Mr. Eric Crispin was invited to be the business trainer for the forum. Mr. Crispin said, “Selling a product or service should not be done by force and make sure you know your product or service before you sell to the person your selling to. These few important elements contribute immensely to business sales”. During his session he confirmed that “AccessBank is on a drive to help entrepreneurs and businesses via loans to achieve their personal goals and these trainings provide a platform to promote good leadership within your business as well as your personal lives. We thank AccessBank for creating such opportunities.” Closing off the Business Forum one invited client Mrs. Regina Mutainurwa shared her appreciation and gratitude by thanking AccessBank for helping her grow their Group Savings Account from TZs 1m to TZs 150m to date. Thanks to these forums, business advice and a mutual relationship shared over many years.