AccessBank Conducts A Business Forum For 600 MSME Clients In Mbeya

The District Commissioner of Mbeya (Town) Hon. William Ntinika being received by 600 MSME clients as the guest of honor at the AccessBank Tanzania Mbeya Business Forum held at Mbeya Paradise Inn, over the weekend. Others in the picture (behind) Head of Banking Service Mr. Michael Fraterne, (far back) AccessBank Tanzania CEO Mr. Armando Sirolla and invited guests.

AccessBank Tanzania conducted a business forum for its SME, Micro, Agro and Deposit clients and non-clients over the past weekend. The forum took place within the city of Mbeya on Saturday the 08th of June at Mbeya Paradise Inn Hotel, with the theme and objective of the forum being; “Promoting Financial Management and Sound Business Ethics”.

The Guest of Honour at the event, the District Commissioner of MbeyaHon. William Ntinika was excited to be a part AccessBank’s movement to educate Mbeya entrepreneurs and SME’s, he further explained, “I compliment AccessBank on supporting SME businesses and especially creating facilities to issue Agro loans to Mbeya farmers. I also congratulate AccessBank for holding regular Business Seminars to financially equip the business people of Mbeya and this shows great support to his Excellency the President of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Magufuli’s initiative to uplift the Tanzanian people from poverty.”

Speaking at the forum, the Chief Executive OfficerMr. Armando Massimiliano Sirolla noted that, “Today, it is about our clients, today is about you and our training on financial discipline and management. AccessBank Tanzania (ABT) is the market leader in financial inclusion in the country, Why? Because financial inclusion is about passion and AccessBank Tanzania Management, Board and Shareholders are passionate about financial inclusion, the same way most of us are passionate about football!” This is why, we have brought with us one of our best “strikers” Mr. Eric Crispin (on loan from AFC/European Investment Bank); he is an excellent trainer and business coach with lots of experience on financial discipline and management. This year, we are planning on conducting more business forums such as this one. Therefore, Dar Es Salaam clients and ABT followers get ready for the next business forum, which will be in early July”.

The forum was organized in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Mr. Eric Crispin was invited to be the business trainer for the forum. The participation at the forum was overwhelmed, more than 600 SMEs clients and ABT followers showed up for this event organized at Mbeya Paradise Inn Hotel. During his session he confirmed that “AccessBank is on a drive to help entrepreneurs and business via loans to achieve their personal goals and these trainings provide a platform to promote good leadership within your business as well as your personal lives. We thank AccessBank for creating such opportunities.”

Closing off the Mbeya Business Forum invited clients shared their appreciation and gratitude by thanking AccessBank for this opportunity and also praised AccessBank’s efforts for bringing them together and training them on how to run a business effectively. They are looking forward to future forums in Mbeya.